Vision & Mission

Go therefore and make disciples...


One church team recognized as leaders and ambassadors for the Kingdom of God.


We multiply and increase our membership - we turn every member to kingdom ambassadors and disciples through our worship and teaching, kingdom image and action, and personal leadership. 


Faithful Church 

We trust in the Lord with all our hearts.  We seek not our own understanding, but in all ways we acknowledge the Lord to guide our path.  We prayerfully commit ourselves to the things of God using spiritual senses. 


We effectively function in the authority of the Kingdom to influence the Tucson community as ambassadors for Christ.  We share our spiritual wisdom, and a sound Kingdom message to boldly communicate the Lord of God across the city. 

Spiritual Leadership 

We prayerfully seek spiritual leadership through the guidance of the Holy Spirit - we live as God's word directs.  We strive to turn every member into a disciple-leader using their Spiritual Gifts to move the church from good to great.  We have leadership that continues to grow in the Word of God and lovingly brings the Word of God to believers and others in the community to set captives, needy, broken hearted, faint in spirit and the lost free.