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Church History

Trinity Temple C.M.E. Church has a rich history, steeped in the tradition of Christian Methodist Episcopal faith.  Our humble beginnings were based upon the request of Reverend C. H. Houston the Presiding Elder of the Arizona District of the Colored Methodist Episcopal Church.
Reverend W.H. Hilyard was assigned the duty of organizing a mission in South Tucson, Arizona.  Houston Chapel was organized by Reverend W. H. Hilyard on September 23, 1951.  
The Fifth Session of the Arizona-New Mexico Annual Conference of the C.M.E. Church was held in Phoenix, Arizona from September 20-23, 1951. Reverend F. L. Lewis appointed Reverend Hilyard to South Tucson, Arizona as the pastor of Houston Chapel C.M.E. Church.
On October 11, 1951 the first meeting was held in the home of Sister Hattie White located at 1224 East 29th Street.  There were nine women present at that meeting. The first charter meeting was held at Emmanuel Temple (located at 560 Stone Avenue) on October 27, 1951.  Fessie Davis, Hattie White, Pearl Layne, Casey Johnson, Mazie Nobles, Mary Hilyard, Zenobia Daniels, Alice  Alexander and Sara Fields were the nine charter members.  Sister Mildred Wooly was the first  stewardess.
Reverend Hilyard held the pastoral position at Houston Chapel until his health failed.  When he became incapacitated the Reverend J. R. Sparks was assigned to Houston Chapel.  As the church continued to grow it became necessary to build a new facility.
This church was built during Reverend Sparks administration.  In 1956 Houston Chapel C.M.E. Church officially became Trinity Temple Christian Methodist Episcopal (C.M.E.) Church located at 1025 East 30th Street.
Since that time, the church has been and continues to be a strong tower in the South Tucson community.  The following pastors have been assigned to Trinity over the past 50 plus years: Rev. Hilyard, Rev. Sparks, Rev. Reed, Rev. Easter, Rev. Alcorn, Rev. Carter, Rev. Merriweather, Rev. Cockran, Rev. Keith, Rev. Al Jones,
and Rev. Barnett.

Rev. Dr. Amanda Goodson has been and is the current Pastor here at Trinity Temple since 2007.

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